Eric's Pet Peeves


That's right! I devoted a whole page to my pet peeves. Note that this page will probably be updated most frequently.

Vocabulary Lists

You know vocabulary lists may have helped my vocabulary (they didn't help my spelling, but that is a memory thing) but they certainly didn't make me want to use the dictionary. In fact I hated doing vocabulary lists from jr. high school. Ugh. Thanks to positive reinforcement, I now hate to use dictionaries and I didn't realize why until just now when I had to look up "thoroughly" because I thought it looked funny spelled "thuroly". And if you think that positive reinforcement means that it was good reinforcement you should go check out a Psychology textbook.


These people can usually be found in all walks of life. You know them, they have an opinion on everything, whether you want to hear it or not, whether they know what the hell they are talking about or not. Now I have nothing against those people who know more than me, or those people that truly do know a lot about a given field. I feel that the attitude of the person is very important. There is the "know-it-all" attitude. The attitude that I know more than you is just so infuriating, the air of superb smugness, the total arrogance. You can hear it in their words, the total conviction that they are 110% correct and that there is nothing that can be said that will matter. Their minds are closed tighter the the door on Fort Knox.


I don't know what is wrong with these people. I am contending that they have some sort of mental deficiency of common sense.The logic is pretty simple; the closer you are to the car in front of you, the less time you have to stop. So the more damage you will do/receive when you fail to stop and nail the car in front of you. This behavior is beyond idiotic, it is dangerous and annoying. I really think that people who tailgate should have their licenses revoked. These tailgaters will often pass a long line of cars and then cut into the front of the line. Often they can get away with this because everyone else is driving with an adequate safety zone, which the tailgater will take advantage of and cut it.


I hate these people. They are generally professors, like my art professor named Diane. These professors will give an assignment only to try to control it. For, instance she gave me an assignment to create a letter home. I created it with my artistic intent and style only to have her hand it back to me when I tried to turn it in. She said I "should consider her suggestion" of making my letter into an envelope. Explaining my reasons for the way I did the assignment didn't do anything but waste my breath. She even tore up part of my letter to show me what she meant. I think it defeats the purpose and creativity of any project to give one and then reject it because it isn't "what you would do". These people crush creativity with their fascist ways. What do I do? I give in. I find other outlets for my creativity and give up trying. There is no point. I want a decent grade more than I want to express myself in that class.


I currently have to work with one of these. I am not talking about slider projectors, but those people who see their own faults in others. When I was arguing with a coworker last night, she at different occasions accused me of being judgmental, narrow minded, condescending, etc. The only basis I could see for this was that I disagreed with her. I think this is really sad. When a person cannot accept another person's opinion without making a personal attack on them, there is something wrong with them. I have learned from this experience to ignore this person.


Same case with the earlier pet peeve. I think we have all seen one of these types in action. Rather that listen to someone else's opinion, usually after the other person has patiently sat through their argument, Talkers will continually interrupt the other person, usually with side arguments and attacks. I have also witnessed that if a Talker interrupts, they will keep talking but usually they will raise their voice until the other person unfortunate enough to be in a conversation with the Talker gives up and stops trying to make a point.


These people are really annoying. They will take offense at something you say, insisting that you are "implying" something, rather than simply listening to what you do say. What I find infuriating is that Mouthers will find the worst and most offensive things to find in your words. They find innuendoes and attacks that never even crossed your mind. That you didn't actually say those words will never matter. Mouthers will then become totally outraged and insulted and usually start making personal attacks. My supervisor at work suggested that Mouthers usually hang around with very critical friends and have very strong defense mechanisms to protect their self-esteem. I think that if someone can put words in your mouth, that they have far too much free time to imagine insults and should find something better to do, like start a webpage.

Lazy-Assed-Bastards (or Personal-Intrest-Only-People)

Now as a very lazy person myself, I emphasize an important distinction here. My co-worker Mark has a two year technical degree. He can't program a lick, and he doesn't know the computer works beyond a pretty superficial level. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, it is just background. He works as a full time Technical Coordinator, however he has a terrible attitude that since he has a degree he doesn't have to learn how to do a damn thing. Every time he is faced with learning something new, how to use an apple, how to program HTML, etc., he refuses saying that it is not part of his job. Even though his job is to support the technical needs of the Ed Psych department, he refuses to put a bit of effort and learn something that will actually help his career. Instead he sits around checking the Foxfire message board. It is sad really, it is not that he is lazy, it is just he won't help another person unless there is a direct benefit to himself. For instance, there was a faculty member that had an NT machine and a CD-RW. Mark spent one hour, maybe two, trying to get the CD-RW to work with the NT machine. The pathetic part is that he spent two hours and then did nothing for about two months. When the faculty member asked about the CD-RW, he installed an internal zip drive in her machine and then decided to put the CD-RW in his machine. Surprisingly he got the drive working after spending two solid days on it. Did he put it back in the earlier machine? No. He kept it in his machine and burns music CDs for himself. What bothers me is that he could make the burner work, but until he saw benefit for himself, he was just a L-A-B.