Gophers fans embarrass Minnesota

Coming home late Saturday night and what should I encounter but a group of 30 to 40 drunk Gophers fans blocking the road. When the lights changed and cross traffic attempted to go, fans blocked their way, waving their hands and shirts at honking cars.

What gracious winners are we, that we make asses of ourselves at the winning of a game. Not even a game that we personally partake. It is one thing to see the Gophers team victorious, but to have to wait in lines of cars and slowly drive around drunken fans is another. I can only hope that other alumni and people from out of state do not believe this childish behavior typical of Minnesota sports fans.

That we must have Minneapolis and University police patrolling around Dinkytown, Stadium Village and the Arena should be a slap in the face of every fan who makes a public ass of himself. That these people feel that a college sports victory is justification for the irresponsible, immature behavior exhibited Saturday night is pathetic.

Why do these people dance in the street for a sports team, but not the winning of Olympic medals? Why is their energy not directed toward stopping the child labor abuses that the University is helping to perpetuate by not signing the code of conduct? What about the animals addicted to drugs and tortured by University scientists in the name of science? What about our presidentıs appointments bypassing the Senate because of Easter weekend?

What a few fans portray to everyone is that they will get drunk and stop traffic for a sports game but do nothing to stop the physical abuse of a child in a University-sponsored sweat shop.

Eric Hanson, ICP alumnius