Apathy led to Coffman setback

I think back to a year ago as I read "University bungles Coffman renovation" on the editorial page Sept. 28. As one of the few people who actively opposed the $50 million renovation of Coffman, I feel I have a unique perspective.

Of 40,000 students, only about 40 to 60 ever made a effort to either support or oppose the renovation. Twenty-five students signed an Internet petition (which The Minnesota Daily misprinted). At the final meeting to decide funding, only about 60 students bothered to show up.

When less than 1 percent of the student body bothers to inform itself about an issue and take a position, it shouts one word: apathy. I am not surprised that the most costly renovation to the union has run into problems. I wish that a surprisingly optimistic price and finish date could have been achieved. I fervently wished that the union had undergone the less extensive renovation. It was a simpler face-lift but wouldn't have given the alumni -- who pushed the extravagant renovation -- the same bragging rights.

What will be the end result? The union won't be finished for several years, it will cost a lot more and the students still won't care. When people stop caring about things that affect them, they are easier to control.

Ask yourselves, do you wish to control your life, or have others control it?

Eric Hanson,spring semester graduate,computer science and art