Taxes should be for schools, not stadiums

I have a question for Mr. Gerald A. Rogers, who wrote an opinions piece, "Small price to pay for pro sports," Aug. 9 in support of the construction of a new stadium for our sports teams. This question is also addressed to those who support this extortion and blackmail of taxpayers.

I ask why the people who proclaim the benefits to Minnesota of building a new sports facility do not also speak of the benefits to Minnesota by giving money to the Minnesota public school system. Why is no one willing to spend money to raise the conditions of our public schools?

As a former student of public education and as a current student of the University, I think the state will be far more improved by spending that money on our children. They are the ones who will bring better social and economic conditions to our state.

Some athletes and hordes of fans will no more improve the economy of Minnesota than a bunch of cockroaches that excrete gold. Educated citizens will improve our society, and economic development will follow. What good is a booming economy if our state is decaying socially?

Eric Hanson, junior, computer science and art