MSA takes wrong approach

It is difficult to say which emotion I feel strongest after reading the April 2 article, "MSA will award prizes to election voters as incentive." I think disgust is the strongest emotion I feel after reading about MSA's misguided attempts.

What MSA fails to acknowledge as the greatest part of our democracy is the freedom to vote. This includes the freedom to vote and the freedom not to vote. Just as I would be outraged to see a plan to make voting mandatory, I am disgusted by a plan to bribe students to vote. Voting is done by the people who care enough to go out and choose who will represent them. If you do not vote that is your choice. You choose to let others decide what is right and wrong for you without your input. If you do not vote, you cannot ever complain. You choose to give up your loudest voice in our democracy.

I vote. I vote in every election that affects me. I know that one voice makes a difference. Rarely does one vote decide an election, but every candidate who has ever won has done so by getting one vote after another. "My vote doesn't count" is a lie lazy people pacify themselves with. If you vote, do so because you care; do so because you are informed about the candidates. Please don't vote just to win a palm-sized pocket-organizer. Our nation deserves better than that.

Eric Hanson, junior, computer science and art