Christianity needs to be re-examined

Regarding Monday's opinion piece, "Religious right are not apostles of hatred," I find it suspicious that rather than admit and try to justify its teachings of hatred -- hardly supporting freedom, such as the freedom of a woman's body and the freedom of sexual preference -- the author merely gives a propaganda-like listing of how "oppressed" Christians truly are.

I can only say that since Christianity is in fact a majority in America, I will never give them my sympathy. Throughout history they have been the oppressors. They have enforced their arbitrary morality of hate upon many cultures. The statement that Christians were among the first to speak out against slavery is simply a lie. Christianity was used as an excuse for slavery, that the Bible made it clear barbarians had to be civilized. Whether this civilizing process included slavery, murder or rape mattered little to such fanatics as the Christians who followed the Crusades.

I am not condemning all Christians. Christianity can be used for good and love, but all too often it is used for control -- to control the lives of others. Too many people attempt to use Christianity to impose their will on others. I know many loving Christians; however, I have read about the tragedies created by the followers of Christ, the Crusades, etc., and I have followed the teachings of hate against any that are different. It is my hope that love will prevail.

Eric Hanson, junior, art and computer science, College of Liberal Arts